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About Us

 We are a small company specializing in the supply of spares and varnishes to the electrical motor rewinding trade.  Sole agents in Ireland for the AEV Plc range of  superior Varnishes, Resins, Compounds and insulating  products,  designed for Electrical and Electronic Industries worldwide. We are also a recognized distributor for  Barker  Microfarad USA and Rove Electrical Italy. Among the many products stocked are:

  • Capacitors Polypropylene and Electrolytic
  • Cooling Fans Aluminium and plastic 
  • Fan Cowls Metal and Plastic Including Extended Cowls for brakes, Forced Vent.
  • Lead Wire to 70mm2 and Sleeving to 25mm
  • Heater Tapes 110V and 230V
  • Centrifugal Switches and Flyers
  • Electronic Starting Relays
  • Thermots, Thermistors, PT100 Sensors, KTY Sensors Etc. Including Associated Electronic Relays
  • Adhesive and Non Adhesive tapes
  • Paper Insulation, NMN, NPN and DMD
  • Wood Wedge and slot filler
  • Vici Range of Capacitance Meters, Multimeters and Pyrometers (Temperature)
  • Spares for Slip Rings 
  • Tying Cords, Paxolin Sheets, Manual Motor Overloads, Waved Washers 



AEV Ltd. is a highly motivated family company, registered ISO BS EN ISO 9001:2008, specialising in the manufacture and supply of superior Varnishes, Resins, Compounds and insulating products, designed for Electrical and Electronic Industries worldwide. The depth of knowledge within the company comes from years of experience from our long serving and dedicated team of management, sales team, chemists and production engineers, who work together to develop our extensive product range.

Our bond is to supply high quality products with the agility and surety required by an extremely demanding repair industry, and carry these services over to our customers in the electronics and industrial production sectors. Currently AEV services and supplies the UK, and exports through agencies and distributors to over sixty countries Worldwide.

From a platform offering a traditional range of insulating varnishes, cleaning solvents and insulation products, we have continued to evolve, with our products being used extensively throughout the electric motor repair, transformer and motor manufacturing industries.

AEV’s range of products includes epoxies and polyurethane infill compounds, solvent less and water based (low volatile organic content) material, and speciality products for the electronic industry. AEV is home to a diverse range of quality branded products, giving greater choice by coupling cost effective solutions with a positive approach to satisfy clients specific needs. AEV’s products can be found in multiform uses throughout industry, creating ‘Qualities That Bond’

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